Leading sheet metal sub-contractor Accurate Laser Cutting are set to further improve their processing capabilities by adding a second fiber laser to their plant. They will soon be replacing their existing CO2 cutting equipment with a brand new fiber laser, creating an all fiber line up at their West Midlands based manufacturing facility.

“Following the success of our investment in a 4m x 2m fiber laser last year, the decision to upgrade our CO2 equipment was an obvious move.” explained company director Steve Morgan. “Fiber cutting technology has advanced so quickly for us to find ourselves investing for the second time just in 18 months. In such a fast-paced competitive market, it is vital to stay ahead of the game to ensure our customer demands are efficiently met.”

This second investment is set to provide an additional boost to capacity & a significant increase in cut quality across the entire thickness range. The requirement for secondary operations is also minimised due to the use of assisted nitrogen gases, achieving a much cleaner cut on parts & no oxidation. For example, they will soon be capable of clean cutting mild steel up to 12mm thick which is a significant improvement when compared against 6mm on a CO2 system.

“In my opinion, fiber laser technology represents the future of the laser cutting industry.” commented company director Jon Till. “Not only does it offer greater accuracy on parts, it also has offers massive energy saving benefits due to its minimal power requirements & zero lasing gas consumption rates. Additionally, shorter lead times are another advantage. We can pass all of these efficiencies onto our customers.”

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