Accurate Laser Cutting have celebrated their recent investment in the U.K’s first 10kW fiber laser by hosting their first ever open house.

In collaboration with leading machinery manufacturer Bystronic, the firm debuted their state-of-the-art ByStar 3m x 1.5m fiber cutting system to visitors across the two day event.

As part of the celebration, visitors were able to enjoy access to their newly refurbished 14000 sq.ft manufacturing facility in Oldbury, West Midlands.

With a series of live demonstrations, they also had the opportunity to witness the equipment’s phenomenal processing speeds of up to 60 metres per minute, along with its ability to cut sheet metal up to 30mm thick.

“We are proud to take possession of the first U.K’s first 10kW fiber laser & embraced the opportunity to showcase our new & improved processing capabilities to our customers.” commented company director Steve Morgan.

“One of our core priorities has always been to invest in the very latest production technologies. The idea of the open house was to demonstrate our commitment to delivering high quality & excellent service to our customers through investment.” he continued.

The firm operate a 24/7 production schedule & are set to benefit from a valued jump in capacity as a result of the new technology.

“As we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a fast order turnaround, our fiber lasers provide us with the speed & capacity to react to our increasing customer demands with optimum efficiency.” explained fellow director Jon Till.

This latest £700,000 investment marks a new chapter in the company’s history, as they now have a full range of fiber laser cutting equipment onsite. Their plant now consists of two Bystronic fiber lasers with a maximum capacity of 4m x 2m & three pressbrakes, including two Bystronic Xpert models capable of pressing up to 4m & 320 tonnes.