Leading sheet metal sub-contractor Accurate Laser Cutting has announced a £700,000 investment in the U.K’s first 10kW fiber laser.

With its phenomenal processing speeds and newly improved processing capabilities, the 10kW Bystronic ByStar cutting system sets a new benchmark in laser cutting & represents their second major investment in a Bystronic fiber laser in eighteen months.

The high performance equipment is capable of laser cutting aluminium & stainless steel up to 30mm thick, mild steel up to 25mm, 15mm brass & 12mm copper. It can also clean cut mild steel up to 15mm thick, which is beneficial to customers who require an oxidation free edge on their parts. “Nitro-cutting offers so much more to our customers.” explains company director Jon Till. “Previously, our ability to clean cut mild steel was limited to 3mm using our CO2 equipment. To now have the capability of five times that thickness is an incredible improvement & a major benefit to customers who require further secondary operation processes.”

This latest investment completely replaces their CO2 cutting equipment at their West Midlands manufacturing premises. Their laser cutting facility is now fully equipped with two state-of-the-art Bystronic fiber lasers; one 6kW BySprint 4m x 2m & their latest investment, a 10kW ByStar 3m x 1.5m system.

“Following the success of replacing our first CO2 laser with a 6kW fiber laser in 2015, the move to upgrade our second CO2 was inevitable.” explained company director Steve Morgan. As soon as we heard whispers of a 10kW fiber laser being developed by Bystronic, we knew it was only a matter of time before we had an all fiber line-up.”

Its powerful 10kW output allows for accelerated cutting speeds & is expected to provide a welcome boost to capacity on the shop floor. “In our view, having the best technology equals the best service. With more speed, we have more capacity available to service our customers with even shorter lead times & still consistently deliver on quality & price.” commented Jon Till.