Our Capabilites Explained

Our three Bystronic fiber lasers can process non-ferrous materials such as bronze, copper & brass with ease & to an exceptional standard.

Due to their reflective properties, laser cutting delicate materials such as copper & brass was a difficult process using CO2 technology. As fibre laser cutting technology has progressed, so have its capabilities meaning we are now able to laser cut copper up to 12mm & brass up to 15mm without any burrs or defects.

As copper & brass are commonly used in decorative projects & many other creative applications, our improved capabilities are advantageous for anyone who requires a high quality finish on their laser cut designs.

Laser cutting copper & brass at a glance

Copper & Brass up to 15mm

High precision


Burr & defect free

Superior edge finish

Copper, bronze or brass requirement? Contact us now to find out more about our fibre laser cutting capabilities.